Semi-soft noir
  • Semi-soft noir

Semi-soft noir

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Semi-soft model 134005 Ava Soutiens-Gorge Soft et Semi-Soft, Soutiens-Gorge Souples, Soutiens-Gorge Sans Armatures

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Disponible sous 6 jours

Coton 8 %
Élasthanne 4 %
polyamide 88 %
TailleDessous de poitrineTour de poitrine
EU 100B | FR 115B98-102 cm114-116 cm
EU 100C | FR 115C98-102 cm116-118 cm
EU 100D | FR 115D98-102 cm118-120 cm
EU 100E | FR 115E98-102 cm120-122 cm
EU 100G | FR 115G98-102 cm124-126 cm
EU 65E | FR 80E63-67 cm85-87 cm
EU 65F | FR 80F63-67 cm87-89 cm
EU 65G | FR 80G63-67 cm89-91 cm
EU 65H | FR 80H63-67 cm91-93 cm
EU 65I | FR 80I63-67 cm93-95 cm
EU 70D | FR 85D68-72 cm88-90 cm
EU 70E | FR 85E68-72 cm90-92 cm
EU 70F | FR 85F68-72 cm92-94 cm
EU 70G | FR 85G68-72 cm94-96 cm
EU 70H | FR 85H68-72 cm96-98 cm
EU 70I | FR 85I68-72 cm98-100 cm
EU 70J | FR 85J68-72 cm100-102 cm
EU 75C | FR 90C73-77 cm91-93 cm
EU 75D | FR 90D73-77 cm93-95 cm
EU 75E | FR 90E73-77 cm95-97 cm
EU 75F | FR 90F73-77 cm97-99 cm
EU 75G | FR 90G73-77 cm99-101 cm
EU 75H | FR 90H73-77 cm101-103 cm
EU 75I | FR 90I73-77 cm103-105 cm
EU 75J | FR 90J73-77 cm105-107 cm
EU 75K | FR 90K73-77 cm107-109 cm
EU 80B | FR 95B78-82 cm94-96 cm
EU 80C | FR 95C78-82 cm96-98 cm
EU 80D | FR 95D78-82 cm98-100 cm
EU 80G | FR 95G78-82 cm104-106 cm
EU 80H | FR 95H78-82 cm106-108 cm
EU 80I | FR 95I78-82 cm108-110 cm
EU 80J | FR 95J78-82 cm110-112 cm
EU 80K | FR 95K78-82 cm112-114 cm
EU 85B | FR 100B83-87 cm99-101 cm
EU 85C | FR 100C83-87 cm101-103 cm
EU 85D | FR 100D83-87 cm103-105 cm
EU 85E | FR 100E83-87 cm105-107 cm
EU 85F | FR 100F83-87 cm107-109 cm
EU 85G | FR 100G83-87 cm109-111 cm
EU 85H | FR 100H83-87 cm111-113 cm
EU 85I | FR 100I83-87 cm113-115 cm
EU 85J | FR 100J83-87 cm115-117 cm
EU 90B | FR 105B88-92 cm104-106 cm
EU 90C | FR 105C88-92 cm106-108 cm
EU 90D | FR 105D88-92 cm108-110 cm
EU 90F | FR 105F88-92 cm112-114 cm
EU 90G | FR 105G88-92 cm114-116 cm
EU 90H | FR 105H88-92 cm116-118 cm
EU 90I | FR 105I88-92 cm118-120 cm
EU 95B | FR 110B93-97 cm109-111 cm
EU 95C | FR 110C93-97 cm111-113 cm
EU 95D | FR 110D93-97 cm113-115 cm
EU 95E | FR 110E93-97 cm115-117 cm
EU 95F | FR 110F93-97 cm117-119 cm
EU 95G | FR 110G93-97 cm119-121 cm
EU 95H | FR 110H93-97 cm121-123 cm
134005- 100F
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